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This little app allows you to filter out several types of objectionable content from downloaded video files. It uses the same categories as the "Parents Guide" section of It can skip sections entirely, or simply mute the sound or blank the video, at your discretion. Skip files can be shared at the official VideoSkip Exchange at, or any way you want. There is also an exension version of this app, available from the Chrome, Firefox, and Edge web stores, which works on streaming video from any source, and a mobile version that might be easier to use than this one at

Step by step:

  1. Load the video from a local file using the "Load video" button. Because the video must be playable in a browser, it can take .mp4, .ogg, and .webm formats (rename .mkv files to .webm). You can save videos from streaming sources in these formats, rip a disc using software, or convert video files into these formats from a different format (more information below).
  2. Optionally, load a file containing subtitles using the "Load subtitles". Subtitles must be in .vtt or .srt format. You will be asked whether or not you want to generate skips for profanity automatically. If this is the case, it is best to load the subtitles after the skip file in step 4. You can display and edit the list of filtered words by clicking the Help button; the list is at the bottom. The overall timing of these skips can be adjusted with the arrow buttons, after checking "Alt."
  3. If you don't have a skip file for the film you're watching, chances are another user has made one, and has posted it in the VideoSkip Exchange. There's a button to load the Exchange on a separate tab. You don't have to register in order to browse and download skip files.
  4. Load the skip file now with the "Load skip file" button. Once loaded, its contents will appear in the box, plus a screenshot that may start superimposed on the video. Each skip consists of beginning and end times relative to the start of the video, with an arrow between them, and on the line below a category plus maybe a handling label (such as "video" or "audio"), a number, and a description in parentheses.
  5. If you want to change something in the list of skips, go right ahead. There's a button to insert the current time on the video (the video itself has a scrub bar to get there), and a correctly formatted "arrow" if you feel lazy, plus another button to insert a silence over the word just pronounced. There is also a button for saving your edited skip list in the default folder for downloads. If you insert two slashes // in the second line of any skip, it will be ignored on playback.
  6. If the screenshot matches the video, you are in sync and can start playback. Otherwise, scrub the video with the arrow buttons (frame by frame, if "Fine" is checked) until it matches the screenshot, then click the "Sync times" button. More detail on this process in the section below.
  7. Set the category filters using the sliders according to the audience. The higher, the more stringent the filter. High = for children, Medium = for teens, Low = for adults. If a filter is Off, the flagged content will be shown.
  8. Click the play button on the video, and maybe the fullscreen button, sit back, and enjoy. Skips will take place when their times arrive.

How to sync the skips:

  1. If the video matches the screenshot when you click the "Go to time" button, everything is in sync and you're done with this phase.
  2. But if the video is from a source different from that used to make the skip file, there may be a mismatch. Use the arrow buttons to scrub the video until the screen matches the screenshot or description (frame by frame, if "Fine" is checked). The fast forward button toggles the speed, or resumes playing if paused. The "Superimpose" button puts the screenshot right on top of the video, or removes it. You can move the screenshot with the mouse, and resize it if you hold the Alt key or the right mouse button, or check "Alt" as well. VideoSkip has an automatic process for finding the screenshot time by clicking the "Find shot" button. Make sure you are within one second of the correct time before clicking it.
  3. Click the "Sync times" button when video and screenshot match. This will shift all the skips by the right amount, so they will happen at the correct times, and save a new version of the skip file so the people you share it with won't have to repeat the syncing process.

Keyboard shortcuts

Getting the video files:

Making your own skips:

Sample skip, which will cause the screen to blank out from 14 minutes, 8.27 seconds from the start of the movie until 14 minutes, 14 seconds, while the sound still plays, if "Sex and Nudity" is set at High level. It has additional explanations that won't affect the filter:

0:14:08.27 --> 0:14:14
nude image 1 (male, from behind)

Here are some videos that show how to make and use skip files:

VideoSkip developer plays ukulele with a pick, Egad! (WARNING, this video might be offensive to sensitive ukulele players):

Obtaining the skip file for the uke video from the VideoSkip Exchange:

Using VideoSkip to edit the playback of the uke video:

Making a VideoSkip file for the uke video:

Posting a skip file to the VideoSkip Exchange:

Legal Notice: Content copyright owners and distributors are hereby informed that users and developers of this software are exercising their right of free speech, guaranteed by law in many nations, by voluntarily refraining from seeing or hearing content without modifying said content in any way. Legal action that ignores this notice will be considered harassment and infringement of basic rights, and prosecuted according to the law.

Credits: domain kindly donated by Jeremy Plsek. The successor of his VideoSkip is SponsorBlock, which skips ads in YouTube

"Find shot" method by Alvaro Gericke

Favicon made by Smashicons from

Below is the block list used for automatically generating silences from a subtitle file, derived from a list courtesy of Edit as needed while maintaining the format. Use only smallcase:

anus, ass fuck, ass hole, assfuck, asshole, assshole, assbag, assbandit, assbang, assbanged, assbanger, assbangs, assbite, assclown, asscock, asscracker, assface, assfaces, assfuck, assfucker, ass-fucker, assfukka, assgoblin, assh0le, asshat, ass-hat, asshead, asshopper, ass-jabber, assjacker, asslick, asslicker, assmaster, assmonkey, assmucus, assmucus, assmunch, assmuncher, assnigger, asspirate, ass-pirate, assshit, asssucker, asswad, asswhole, asswipe, asswipes, auto erotic, bastard, beatch, bimbo, bitch, black cock, bloke, bloody hell, bollock, bollok, bollox, boong, bull shit, bullshit, butt, clit, cock, cockfucker, cocksuck, cocksucker, condom, coonnass, crap, cunt, cyberfuck, dago, damn, darn, dego, dick, dildo, dike, douche, dyke, ejaculate, erect, erection, erotic, escort, fag, faggot, fuck, fuck off, fuck you, fuckass, fuckhole, gay, god damn, goddam, gooch, gook, hard core, hardcore, homoerotic, honky, hooker, hoor, hootch, hore, horniest, horny, hussy, hymen, injun, intercourse, jack off, jackass, jackhole, jackoff, jack-off, jaggi, jagoff, jail bait, jailbait, jerk, jerk off, jerk0ff, jerkass, jerked, jerkoff, jerk-off, jigaboo, jiggaboo, jiggerboo, jism, jiz, jizm, jizz, jizzed, jock, juggs, jungle bunny, junglebunny, junkie, junky, kafir, kawk, kinbaku, kinkster, klan, knob end, knobbing, knobead, knobed, knobend, knobhead, knobjocky, knobjokey, kock, kondum, kondums, kooch, kooches, kootch, kum, kummer, kumming, kums, kunilingus, kunja, kunt, kwif, kike, kraut, kyke, lameass, lardass, lesbian, lezzie, masterbat, masturbat, motha, mother fucker, motherfuck, motherfucker, negro, nigger, nimrod, ninny, nipple, orgasim, orgasm, paedophil, paki, panooch, pansy, pantie, pants down, panty, pedophil, pee, penis, penisfucker, pikey, pillowbiter, pimp, pimpis, pinko, piss, piss off, polack, pollack, poop, porn, porno, pornography, pubi, pussy, puto, queaf, queef, queer, quim, raghead, retard, russkie, russky, sadist, schizo, schlong, scissoring, screw, screwed, screwing, scroat, scrog, scrot, sex, sexy, shit, skag, skank, skeet, slanteye, sleaze, sleazy, slut, smartass, smeg, smegma, smut, sodomi, sodomy, son of a bitch, souse, sperm, spick, splooge, spooge, suck, swastika, swinger, tampon, teat, tits, titt, towelhead, twat, twunt, upskirt, viagra, voyeur, wank, wazoo, wedgie, weenie, weewee, weiner, weirdo, wench, wet dream, wetback, whore, wiseass, wog, wop, xxx, yid, yiffy, yobbo, zibbi, zoophilia, zubb